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Game rules !

-Move your mouse to control Yourself (cell)
-Eat pellets (small food) on the screen and to increase Your mass.
-Avoid larger players.
-split your cell with SPACE key (to attack and eat smaller Players (Cells) )
-Eject Mass With W Key
-Avoid viruses and use them to your advantage ( Give mass to the virus to throw virus at the Enemy ).

Specific gamemode rules :

[Free for All]

-Normal XP + Alive bonus XP.
-Teaming is not allowed In this GameMode. if you eject mass your mass will eat you more mass than it will give to another player.

[Solo Party]

-Normal XP divided by 3.
-You have 1 bot to team with.
-Teaming with other players is not allowed in this GameMode.


-Normal XP.
-Teaming is allowed.

[Crazy MergeSplit]

-Normal XP divided by 4
-Merge don't need to wait 30 sec and you can split in 32 and not only 16

[Crazy Rush mod]

-Normal XP
-Be the biggest cell when the counter reach 0 and win normal xp + 5000 extra xp

[Chither bots mod]

-Normal XP divided by 4
-Normal party mod, but with your favourite chither bot :)

Hi everyone , we are !

We want to make a brand new game based on some past success !
We listen to the feedback provided by the community and
we really want to give you what you want.
We have created Cell.Sh a game where your feedback will matter :)
CEDrs, Golman and the whole staff

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